Deals Rummy

How to play Deals Rummy Game

Deals Rummy is a type of 13 card rummy game where players play a set number of rounds. In online deals rummy, players get a certain number of chips to start.

After each round, the winner gets chips from the other players based on their scores. The overall winner of the deals rummy game is the one with the most chips when all the rounds are done.

Types of Deals Rummy

There are two types of deal rummy games:

  • Play 2 rounds (Best of 2 deals).
  • Play 3 rounds (Best of 3 deals).
  • For the Best of 2 deals, you get 160 chips in total (80 chips per round). In the Best of 3 deals, you get 240 chips in total (80 chips per round, for 3 rounds).

But, if everyone playing agrees, you can decide to play more rounds. Make sure you follow deals rummy rules while you play.

How to Play Deals Rummy Online?

Playing deals rummy is super simple! Here's a quick guide on deals rummy rules and tips:

Players and Cards:

  • You can play deals rummy with 2 to 6 players.
  • Use two or more regular decks of 52 cards, including jokers.

Dealing Cards:

  • Each player gets 13 cards.
  • Any leftover cards are put face down to make a closed deck.
  • One card is chosen randomly and placed face up to start the open deck.

Chips for Players:

  • Before starting, each player gets chips based on the number of deals chosen.

Deciding Who Goes First:

  • A simple toss decides who takes the first turn.

Goal of the Game:

  • Each player's job is to arrange their 13 cards into sets or sequences.

Taking Turns:

  • During your turn, choose a card from the open or closed deck.
  • Drop one card from your hand onto the open deck.

Declaring a Win:

  • The first player to make a valid declaration (2 pure sequences, 1 pure and 1 impure sequence, or sets) can call for a show.

Points for Losers:

  • Players who lose get points based on the value of their cards.

How Is the Score Calculated in Deals Rummy?

Each card in the game has a specific value:

  • Ace, King, Queen, and Jack are worth 10 points each.
  • Numbered cards are worth their face values.
  • Jokers, whether printed or wild, are worth zero points.

For example, if you have 5♣, it's worth 5 points, 9♣ is worth 9 points, and King ♣ is worth 10 points.

In the game, the winner is the first player to achieve the goal, and they get zero points.

To calculate winnings in Deals Rummy, use this formula:

Winnings = (Entry Fee × Number of Players) – RummyJax Fee.

For instance, if there are 2 players with an entry fee of Rs. 10 each, and the first player wins, the winnings are calculated as follows:

Winnings = (Rs. 10x2) – RummyJax Fee.

Losing Players’ Score: When a player loses a game, their score is figured out by adding up the points of the cards they didn't organize in sequences or sets. But here's the catch: the maximum score they can get is 80 points, no matter how many points their cards are worth. So, even if your cards add up to 100 points, your score will still be 80.

Deal Show: When a player says they're winning before their opponent even takes a turn, it's called a deal show. If someone loses in a deal show, they get half the points they had. For example, if the losing player had 40 points, they would get 20 points. The least number of points a losing player can get is 2. The most points a losing player can get in a deal show is 40, but that's only if their cards are worth 80 points or more and not grouped together.

Deals Rummy FAQs

A game of deals rummy is for 2 to 6 players.

In deals rummy, you play for a set number of rounds, either 2 or 3.

Yes! You can earn real cash by playing Deals Rummy. Once you become good at the game and feel at ease, you can join cash games or tournaments to have a shot at winning real cash.