Rummy Game Rules

Rummy is played between 2-6 players using 2 decks of cards. Each player is given 13 cards in the game and a random card is selected as Wild Joker.There are 2 kinds of decks in Rummy One is an open deck and the other one is a closed deck. The players can either pick a card from the open deck if it makes a good addition to their melds or they ca n pick a card from a closed deck before discarding their card to the open deck.The player should keep drawing or discard cards to form valid sets and sequences of the 13 cards.To win the game, the player has to arrange/group 13 cards into valid sequences and sets (at least one pure sequence and other valid sequence or sets).

Let’s understand what is a Set and a Sequence.

Forming Sets:

A group of three or more cards carrying the same value but of different suits is called a SET. A joker can be one of the cards in a Set. There are two types of Sets: Valid Set and Invalid Set.

Examples of Valid Sets:

  1. A♥ A♣ A♦(All the Ace cards are from different suits)
  2. 8♥ 8♣ 8♦ 8♠ (All 8 value cards are from different suits)
  3. 6♦ Q♠ 6♠ 6♥ (Q♠ is used as a wild joker to form a set)
  4. 5♦ 5♣ 5♠ PJ (Printed Joker is used to replace 5♥ to make a set)
Invalid Set:

A group of cards with two or more cards of the same suit leads you to an Invalid Set.

Example of Invalid Set:

Q♥ Q♥ Q♦ (This set has two Qs of the same suit ♥ which makes it an invalid set).

Forming Sequences

A group of 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit is called a SEQUENCE. There are 2 types of sequences in Rummy and they are,

Pure Sequence:

A group of three or more cards of the same suit when placed in consecutive order forms a Pure Sequence. Pure Sequence cannot contain a Joker or Wild Card.

  1. 5♥ 6♥ 7♥ (3 cards of same suit in consecutive order, no joker/wild card is used)
  2. 2♥ 3♥ 4♥ (3 cards of same suit in consecutive order, no joker/wild card is used)

Valid Sequence:

A group of 3 or more cards of the same suit where one or more joker cards is/are used to replace the missing number in the set.

  1. 6♦ 7♦ Q♠ 9♦ (Q♠ is used as wild joker to replace 8♠ and to form a valid sequence)
  2. 5♠ Q♥ 7♠ 8♠ PJ (Q♥ is a wild joker that is replacing 6♠ and the Printed Joker is replacing 9♠)

The first person who manages to form his/her cards into the combinations mentioned above wins the game!

Points Rummy is the fastest variant where each game lasts for one deal only. After each game, the winner gets the winnings from the other players depending on the count and point value.

Up to 6 players can participate in a game of Points Rummy. You can select a point value from a list of Point Values offered by RummyJax.

Winnings of Winner = [Sum of Counts of other players X point value] - RummyJax Commission.

Key Points:

It is one of the variants of 13 cards Rummy.

It is quick and exciting which keeps you alert and on your toes.

It's usually finished in a few rounds as it is fast-paced in nature.

The players play for points that have pre-decided money value called as ‘Point Value’.

Player with a valid declaration wins the game and cash.

If you get disconnected, the game gets into Auto Play mode. In case you do not return before the game ends or 3 turns, you will be middle dropped. Only Middle Drop will be taken as your count and not full count in cases where you don't get re-connected and the game ends before your 3rd turn after disconnection.

If you want to drop, you can select the Auto Drop button and your hand will be automatically dropped when your turn comes.

You can play continuously as long as you don't exhaust your balance, you may refill in between games & continue to play seamlessly.

In case of Deal Show, count for players who have not played yet will be Half Count rounded to the next integer. For example, if your count is 39, 20 will be considered.

If you leave during the game, full count (80) * Point value will be deducted and be passed on to the winning player.

Drop value in a Points Rummy Game is 10 for a First Drop & 30 for a Middle Drop.

Your Balance will be updated after every game and you need to have a balance of 'Full Count (80)* Point Value' in order to play the next game. You may refill your balance at any time.

(A) Ace: 10 points each card.

(K) King: 10 points each card.

(Q) Queen: 10 points each card.

(J) Jack: 10 points each card.

Joker: 0 points.

Wild Joker: 0 points.

Remaining cards: Same value as to what number is on the card.

Example: 4♥ 5♥ 6♥ (OR) 7♦ 8♦ 9♦ : 4 points, 5 points, 6 points (OR) 7 points, 8 points, 9 points.

The Player who loses receives points based on the remaining cards in his hand.

The Pure Sequence is important in your set. If you have a Valid Sequence but no Pure Sequence in your set, it is considered to be INVALID.

Wrong show declaration will cost you 80 points.

Form a pure sequence as soon as you receive the cards. As you know that a declaration cannot be made without a pure sequence in your melds.

Try not to draw cards from the discarded pile as your opponent might understand the formation of your cards and may pick the card that you need.

You can also replace the high point cards like Ace (A), Jack (J), Queen (Q) and King (K) with Wild Joker or Joker cards. In case if you are losing a game, it will at least reduce the points in your melds.

Always recheck all your cards before making a declaration in the game. As an invalid declaration will make you lose full count.

Pay attention to the cards that are being discarded by other players.

If you want to drop the game, do it at the beginning as you will get lesser points at the initial stage and more points at a later stage.

Always keep the middle cards to yourself, it might be useful some or the other way to finish your set.

The more the merrier, Jokers are the key to winning the game. After you finish the pure sequence, use jokers to finish other sets and sequences.

Arrange your cards in the hand with different colour sequences to avoid confusion. Example- Red hearts, Black spades, Red Diamonds.

Trick your opponent to discard the card that you need to finish your set. For example, If you have 9♥ 9♣ 10♠, you can discard the 10♠ card and trick your opponent into thinking that you will not require 9♠.

Understand how sequences and sets work. Your sequences can have 4 cards as well.

You should not wait for the right cards but try to quickly change the sequence of cards that you receive to make a sequence/set.

We know that Rummy is so thrilling that sometimes we forget everything else and get involved in the game. Without knowing, we spend hours and hours together playing Rummy. We also understand that the game provides some sort of thrill and it can become an addiction. We want you to play responsibly by dividing your time effectively for other important things. Rummy is definitely fun but you should not overspend your money while having fun. Here are some tips to play Responsible Rummy online or even offline.

The Players should be over 18 years of age to play this game.

The Players can set a cash limit to watch their spending amount. It's up to them how much they want to spend.

If you feel like you're playing Rummy all the time then Self-deactivation is the right option for you to take a little time away from the game.

Play for entertainment purposes and do not try to earn a living out of it.

You should not try to recover the losses in the game.

Keep track of the time while playing the game and spend the day doing other activities as well.

Balance your work and leisure time in order to complete everything.

You could set aside some extra money for entertainment purposes in Rummy. By doing that you know how much money you are spending on Rummy.

You cannot pay for your debts by playing Rummy. It will only create more problems and more debts for you.

Advanced Fraud Detection Systems are placed in the game to enhance the user gaming experience. We make sure that no collusions take place on the Rummy tables.

Our team of experts monitor the games played on RummyJax at all times so that they can be checked for any Fair Play Violation.

Player allotment to a table & seating is done on a completely random basis and no seat is pre-fixed for any game whatsoever.

Cards are shuffled with a certified Random number generator (RNG) ensuring no chances of partiality to any player.

Our Anti-Fraud & fairplay checks track every move of a player during the game and an alert is automatically raised if there are any signs of Fair Play violation.

Suspected games are scrutinized thoroughly & if our system/team detects any Fair Play Violation, accounts of such player(s) who have committed the violation, will be suspended immediately and their Wallet Balances may also be freezed.

Players who have won and players who helped or colluded in committing Fair Play Violation would be blocked and their wallet balances can be potentially seized. After further review, they may either be refunded partially or forfeited fully. We reserve the right to deduct an additional penalty from the users who committed the violations, with up to 3 times of entry fees of all suspected games.

Players affected by Fair Play Violation after a complete review by our team, may become eligible for a complete refund of their entry fees for such affected game(s).

By registering and playing on RummyJax, players agree that they will ensure fair play and they will not engage in any Fair Play Violation by technical or non-technical means to manipulate the game outcomes whether in their favor or not.

Every player is equally important to us and is a VIP. We try to resolve all the issues as quickly as possible.

Our Customer support team is warm and welcoming, they will answer all your queries and concerns.